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The EGW1-MB-HT- is a device used to connect any industrial equipment with HART communication, to one or more Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU/ASCII Master

The equipment has 3 independent Modbus ports. One Ethernet for Modbus TCP, one RS232, and one RS485 opto-isolated for Modbus RTU / ASCII
The EGW1-HART manages 2 Modbus ASCII / RTU ports and 1 Modbus TCP port, simultaneously. Each Modbus port can be routed to any HART port.
• Modbus protocols TCP, RTU Y ASCII.
• Up to 16 simultaneous Modbus TCP connections.
• Modbus RS232 Port slave
• TCP/IP Modbus port
• Modbus RS485 slave port optoisolated independent of the RS232.
• Installation and configuration by Web browser.
• Software to search for Exemys devices in the network.
• DIN Rail mounting, temperature-resistant Industrial Case.
• ndustrial terminal blocks.
• Wide range power supply 10 to 30 Vdc.
• Sistemas de PLC and SCADA systems.
• Industrial Automation and Domotics.
• Remote monitoring systems.
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Industrial Telemetry is positioned as an essential tool in these times of pandemic.
Obtaining data from remote and dispersed assets already had innumerable advantages related to efficiency, process automation, and cost and risk reduction. Now there are also health advantages that allow us to contribute to the whole of society, take care of our own and take care of ourselves.

Advantages of Telemetry to face Covid-19:

• Allows operation in places where people have restricted access due to social isolation.

• Possibility of teleworking and keeping operations running.

• Solve remotely, administration and operation problems.

• Avoid moving people to remote sites.

• Contributes to preventive social isolation.

• Allows operators to work from a safe sanitary environment.

• Safeguards public health in general



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